With our partner who is uniquely positioned to support bus and train manufacturers and public transport operators worldwide. EPI systems offers globally recognized technological solutions that increase the intelligence, safety and efficiency of public transit operations.

EPI systems was created and designed to have a lasting impact on the market for public transit technologies. By combining strategic research and development with smart acquisitions, we have developed a wide range of expertise and new technologies that combine best-in-class products. All of this comes from successful and well-known regional companies that today form a cohesive global organization.

EPI Systemes offers unique solutions to provide passengers on the move with essential information while meeting operational objectives for efficient transportation. Supporting bus and transit car manufacturers and transit operators worldwide, EPI Systemes develops and delivers technology that delivers tangible benefits to public transit.


Millions of passengers use the world's airports every month. Efficiently directing them from the airport lobby to the boarding gate optimizes the flow of people throughout the passenger journey and contributes to overall customer satisfaction.

In private areas and premium lounges, relaying flight information on digital signage screens is reassuring. Customers know when they must leave the area in order to board.

"that's our job"

* Customized project design.
* Implementation of the project.
* Project commissioning.
* Technical and operational support.
* Production process control.
* Staff training.
* The local team is ready and authorized to operate.


Several public transit companies trust EPI systems to provide a complete on-board video security product. Designed and manufactured specifically for mobile applications, our systems are designed to improve fleet efficiency, reduce maintenance and operating costs, increase data accessibility and reduce associated risks and liabilities. With over 80,000 rail vehicles deployed, our reliable solutions are in action in many different climates and on-board environments.

EPI systems offers a digital and analog recorder and state-of-the-art cameras (360o, dome). We offer advanced solutions for automatic passenger counting (APC) and seat occupancy observation through video analysis and machine learning technology. Our offer includes IP infrastructure components such as wireless IP routers, PoE switches, key control panels and removable storage space.

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