A transparent television

At the Milan Design Week 2019, Panasonic and Vitra offer us a sensational visual experience with a transparent screen.

This concept is the result of a two-year collaboration between Vitra and Panasonic, based on how new technologies can seamlessly integrate our living spaces. Challenge met !

When the screen is turned on, it turns into an OLED screen. It is made from a wooden frame and a glass pane that naturally melts into any space when it is turned off... Prodigious no ?

How did DOOH give a second life to the traditional image?

The DOOH (Digital Out of Home) is the term used to describe outdoor advertising. It brings together various digital signage techniques in an urban environment to communicate with dynamic and interactive ads that will have a positive influence on brands and consumers.

An innovative technology in the air of the time which allows to gain in terms of notoriety, visibility and profitability. Today, it is the most effective medium in terms of impact with consumers, and is a great success with advertisers who have adopted it.

A media that has more impact, 2/3 of the purchases would be made within half an hour following the exposure of an outdoor advertisement, according to Touch Point Study.

Growing and at the forefront of the media, it is THE new and innovative information medium!

This growth is largely justified because it now makes it possible to disseminate information instantaneously, on several connected devices thanks to remote management.

+16.1% increase in advertising revenues in 2017


- Long-term use
- Repetition of your ad
- Broadcast schedule of your choice
- Ultra high brightness screens


- Better visibility
- More creativity
- More attractive information
- Better mastery of its communication
- More interactive and dynamic information relay
- More impact on consumers

90% of consumers are more appreciative of messages containing video, judged to be more modern and innovative.

Let's go further !

Some interesting figures that come from studies made in recent months, representing the impact of this innovative technology on consumers :

(IAE, Interactive Advertising Office)

90% of consumers are more appreciative of messages containing video, judging them more modern and innovative. 85% of them consider that a message containing a video would enhance the image of a brand. 78% of consumers say they have more impact, in terms of memorization. (Digital signage statistics)

59% of consumers say they want more information after seeing a digital signage ad.

+31.8% is what the DOOH generates on the volume and amount of sales in stores. Good revenue prospects

(PWC Entertainment & media Outlook France, IREP)

Figures that confirm the increase in planned investments in the DOOH, according to Pwc's Entertainment & media Outlook France.

– 125 million euros of revenue generated in 2017
– 223 million euros in terms of forecast for 2019

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